G-Store Gantry

The Giben G-Store Gantry is an automatic gantry style material handling system. The stucture and mechnical solutions are extremely solid, reliable and most importantly, made in America. The layout and exact configuration can be tailored to the needs to each customer. If it's for material inventory management, automatic machine feeding including beamsaws, CNC routers or other, the Giben G-Store is the best product available.

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  • Working Area:
  • Customer Specified
  • Vacuum Carriage:
  • Scissor Type
  • Vacuum Cups:
  • Twelve (12) ventury style standard, variable depending on material type and size.
  • Loading/unloading area:
  • One (1) standard, multiple can be added.
  • Auto Label Printing:
  • Optional
  • Multiple Machine Loading:
  • Per customer requirements.
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