With speed and precision, the GS will bridge together the gap between nesting on a conventional CNC router and cutting books of panels on a beam saw. It will offer the best of both worlds. With an average nest time of around 2 minutes, it can produce up to double the output of a typical CNC Router. 

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  • Table Size:
  • 2700mm x 1300mm (4FT X 9FT), 3100 x 1600mm (5FT X 10FT), 3700mm x 1600mm (5FT X 12FT)
  • X and Y Axis Drive Systems:
  • ANDI linear motor technology
  • Router Spindle:
  • 18 HP ANDI HSK-63f liquid cooled spindle, 1000 – 24000 RPM
  • Drill Block:
  • 10 x 7 vertical with ANDI-DRILL speed drilling technology
  • Vacuum Pump:
  • Two (2) x 10 hp Becker vacuum pump
  • Tool Change:
  • Two (2) x 10hp Becker vacuum pump
  • Auto Lubrication:
  • Standard
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