Prisma6000 SP

The benchmark in panel sizing, the ultimate in performance and technology. Unmatched in output by any competitive machines, the Prisma6000 stands in a class of it's own. With standard linear motor drive technology on the saw carriage and optional on the pusher, this machine can perform more cycles per shift than any other.

  • Cut Length:
  • 3300mm / 3800mm / 4500mm / 6000mm (10'/12'/14'/20')
  • Blade Projection:
  • 150mm/185mm (6"/7.2")
  • Main Motor:
  • 30HP/40HP
  • Scoring Motor:
  • 3HP
  • Saw Carriage Speed:
  • up to 300m/min (985ft/min)
  • Pusher Speed:
  • up to 120m/min (393ft/min)
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