Fast, reliable, productive with a complete list of standard features. The HELIX 90 SP offers high end performance at an extremely competitive price. Options include precise depth grooving, remote scoring saw setup and blade rotation speed control on the main blade.

  • Saw carriage is equipped with a 2 kW servo motor and travels via rack and pinion.
  • Saw carriage automatically travels based on the width of panel reducing travel distance.
  • Max cutting speed up to 90m/min, reverse speed up to 120m/min.
  • Pressure beam automatically self-adjusts according to the total height of panels, to shorten the travel range, hence higher efficiency.
  • Powerful software is easy to use, including managing the work process with detailed reports, simulating cutting patterns, showing any error messages, bar code printing and many more advantages.
Max. Cutting Length Options:2,800 mm / 3,300 mm / 3,800 mm
Max. Cutting Thickness:90 mm
Main Saw
Motor Power:15 Ww
Saw Blade Diameter:Φ380 mm (maxΦ400)
Saw Blade Shaft Diameter:Φ60 mm
Rotating Speed:4,500 rpm/min
Scoring Saw
Saw Blade Diameter:Φ200 mm
Saw Blade Shaft Diameter:Φ45 mm
Rotating Speed:4,300 rpm/min
Saw Carriage
Drive Motor Power:2 kW
Forward Speed:90 m/min
Backward Speed:120 m/min
Automatic Feeding Motor Power:2 kW
Feeding Speed:85 m/min
IPC:15’’ Windows 7
USB port: 4 pcs
Air Requirement:0.6 MPa
Dust ExtractionΦ150mm*2;
28 m/min
Power Supply:AC3P380V/50Hz
Total Power:23 kW