The Giben SONEX SPT-Y achieves higher productivity, even with high complex cutting patterns compared to traditional cutting centers, increasing cutting capacity by 30%.

Max. Cutting Length Options:3,800 mm
Max. Cutting Thickness:120 mm
Main Saw
Motor Power:18 kW
Diameter:460 mm
Diameter of Axle:60 mm
Rotating Speed:3,910 rpm
Scoring Saw
Motor Power:2.2 kW
Diameter:180 mm
Diameter of Axle:45 mm
Rotating Speed:4,150 rpm
Saw Carriage
Drive Motor Power:1.5 kW
Forward Speed:90 m/min
Backward Speed:120 m/min
Automatic Feeding Motor Power:2 kW (AC servo)
Feeding Speed:80 m/min
Rear Feeding Speed:60 m/min
Dust Collector:Φ150mm*2
Total power:40 kw
Working Height:980 mm
Net Weight:25,300 lbs
Overall Dimension:31’ x 30’ x 6.6’