The SONEX SPT (rear loading from lift table) offers all of the features of a front-loading Panel Saw with the added benefit of automatic rear material loading. Some options available include PM moving clamp technology and STLD thin material loading system.

Hydraulic rear feeding lift table with maximum 5 ton loading capacity, combined with powered and non-powered conveyors making it convenient to feed panels from left or right side (feeding direction to be specified and optional).

Max. Cutting Length Options:3,300 mm / 3800 mm
Max. Cutting Thickness:120 mm
Main Saw
Motor Power:18 kw
Diameter:460 mm
Diameter of Axle:60 mm
Rotating Speed:3,910 rpm
Scoring Saw
Motor Power:2.2 kw
Diameter:180 mm
Diameter of Axle:45 mm
Rotating Speed:4,150 rpm
Saw Carriage
Drive Motor Power:1.5 kw
Forward Speed:90 m/min
Backward Speed:120 m/min
Automatic Feeding Motor Power:2 kw (AC servo)
Feeding Speed:80 m/min
Rear Feeding Speed:60 m/min
Dust Collector:Φ150mm*3
Total power:40 kw
Working Height:980 mm