Welcome Aboard, Jesse!

  • May 19, 2017
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  • Laura Broward

Please join us in welcoming Jesse Hudson to our technical service department! Jesse will be taking on the role of Service Engineer & Project Manager.

Jesse served 6 years in active duty with the Air Force where he worked on fighter jets, increasing his mechanical knowledge. He then spent 4 years in the Army Reserves, focusing on logistic supply. In 2002, Jesse received recognition as “Low Crew of the Month”. His combined 10 years of experience with the military helped shape Jesse into the leader and key team player that he is today.

In Jesse’s spare time he enjoys working out, reading and spending time with his wonderful family. When asked what Jesse’s favorite aspects of his new role is, he responded “I love the challenging environment here at Giben, I also love that every single day I walk out learning something new!”

We are very excited to have Jesse aboard Team Giben and look forward to watching him succeed!