About Us

Since the mid 80’s Anderson Industrial Corporation has been instrumental in the design and manufacturing of quality CNC machining centers to serve the leaders of industries around the world.

Giben panel processing equipment reflects 40 years of engineering and technological development. At the core of Giben’s panel processing offering is our G series routers, Panel saws, and edge banders. These machines form Giben’s standard production series and when they are combined, they form an industry 4.0 solution that can fit the needs of every factory and their needs.

For customers in need of specialized routers and 5-axis solutions, Anderson America has many options and solutions to help them with their needs.


Giben was founded at the end of World War II, in 1947, by Gino Benuzzi. Originally named Gino Benuzzi SNC, Gino found his niche producing and selling wood working machinery. His innovative designs and superior quality quickly gained national attention. When particleboard first appeared in the 1960’s, Gino invented the panel saw with a top pressure beam and moving blades to handle the material more easily and efficiently. A complete revolution of its time, Gino’s machines garnered international attention and Giben do Brazil and Giben America were born.

Giben America and Giben do Brazil continue to offer innovative solutions with unmatched quality. More recently, Giben expanded its product range to include a comprehensive line of Sizing, Edge, CNC and Special Projects divisions. Now owned by Anderson Group, an international leader in CNC technology, Giben do Brazil and Giben America are proud to expand our CNC division even further. Giben America and Giben do Brazil’s partnership with Anderson Group means you get industry leading Anderson quality and reliability from a trusted source known for revolutionary designs and superior customer service.

With a rich history of proven quality and innovation, Giben America and Giben do Brazil continue to exceed the expectations of our customers. Let us help you find the perfect solution to your needs.