• The G4 Full line is a 3 axis cnc
    router designed for production ‘
    needs in mind.
  •  Standard 18hp main spindle with
    rotation of up to 24000rpms.
  •  Drill block sizes: standard 5 x 5 and
    an optional 10 x 7.
  •  Auto loading and off loading, helps
    create high efficiency and max
    parts output. Using a pusher bar
    with dust extraction and offload
    table with two additional ports to
    help maintain a clean shop
    and parts.
  •  Standard features that separate the
    G4:auto-lubrication, meehanite cast
    iron table, fixed tool touch off
    device, and blast gate for dust
  •  A ride along carousel type, tool
    changer with 8 tool capacity,
    mounted next to the spindle for fast
    and efficient tool change operations.
    Optional 12 tool changer.
  •  Optional auto label printing gantry
    or label printing mounted by the
    off-load table.
ModelG4 49G4 510G4 512
Table size2700 x 1300mm3100 x 1600mm3700 x 1600mm
Max speed x/y/z80/80/30 m/min80/80/30 m/min80/80/30 m/min
Main spindle18hp18hp18hp
Max rotation speed24000rpm24000rpm24000rpm
Vertical drills5 x 55 x 55 x 5
Rotation speed4500rpm4500rpm4500rpm
Tool changer8 position ride along8 position ride along8 position ride along
Suction flow rate160m3/h160m3/h160m3/h
Dust extractionΦ200mm × 2
150mm x 2
Φ200mm × 2
150mm x 2
Φ200mm × 2
150mm x 2
Overall size4500 x 10000 x 2500mm4500 x 12000 x 2500mm5000 x 13500 x 2600mm
Net weight7100kg7500kg8000kg