NCB 2412Z2


• The NCB 2412Z2 is a 6 sided boring
cnc with routing and grooving

• Built in design software with
capabilities of speaking with
modern design software for easy
job inputs.

• Long guiding rail with dual grippers
for fast processing of various work

• Choosing from powered or simple
roller conveyor for feeding in and
out of panel to form a production
line based on requirements.

• Optional bar code reader.

Panel length250-2400mm250-2400mm
Panel width50-1200mm50-1200mm
Panel thickness12-50mm12-50mm
Max speed135/135/75/30 m/min135/135/75/30 m/min
Main spindle3.5kw x 2 3.5kw x 2
Max rotation speed18000 rpm18000 rpm
Upper vertical drills13 x 2 12
Horizontal drillX direction : 4 x 2
Y direction : 2 x 2
X direction : 2 x 2
Y direction : 2 x 2
Lower vertical drill1010
Rotation speed4000 rpm4000 rpm
Dust extractionUpper dust port 150mm
Lower dust port 125mm
Upper dust port 150mm
Lower dust port 125mm
Total power 22.3kw 18kw
Overall size5700x2990x2050mm5546x2910x2100mm
Net weight3750kg3500kg