NCG 3312Z2


  • The NCG 3312Z2 is a pod and rail cnc
    with a automatic servo tool changer.
  • Built in design software with
    capabilities of speaking with
    modern design software for
    easy job inputs.
  • Safety light curtain is divided
    into two areas for dual working
  • Six sets of table rails coupled
    with 3 kinds of suction pads can
    lock panels in different shape
    and size tightly while processing.
  • Powerful main spindle 12kw,
    24,000 rpm; HSK-63F; 14
    vertical drills+8 horizontal
    drills+1 grooving saw blade;
  • Optional bar code reader.
Table size3300 x 1250mm3300 x 1250mm
Max speed70/70/30 m/min80/80/30 m/min
Main spindle7.5kw12kw
Max rotation speed18000 rpm24000 rpm
Upper vertical drills14 x 2 14
Horizontal drill10 x 2X direction : 2 x 2
Y direction : 2 x 2
Lower vertical drillN/A10
Rotation speed4000 rpm4000 rpm
Tool changer 160m3/h160m3/h
Suction flow rate200mm x 2200mm
Dust extraction22kw 28kw
Overall size5500x2500x2100mm5220x2600x2620mm
Net weight3500kg4800kg