• A heavy-duty edge bander made for production shops.
    A solid steel structure along with thick steel plate
    going from front to back of the machine that the
    stations mount to. Speeds ranging from 16-26 m/min
    to produce parts when needed on time.
  • Stations included the each edge bander are: v-belt
    drive, 4 tape changing system, pre-mill, pre-heat,
    pre-melt glue pot, double track fast end trim,
    rough trim, pneumatic fine trim, 4 motor corner
    rounding, pneumatic profile scraping, off-cut, flat scraping, and buffing.
  • PC controlled with bar code reading capability and
    diagnostic monitoring system.
  • Stand-by mode when not in use to allow for quick
Panel length>120mm (corner trim>200mm)
Panel width>80mm
Min panel size200 x 80mm (corner rounding)
Panel thickness9-60mm
Edge tape thickness0.4 – 3mm
Feeding speed16/22/26 m/min
Corner rounding speed22 m/min
Dust extraction125mm x 7
Total power 30kw
Overall size9650x1450x1650mm
Net weight4750kg