The Giben G2 Genesis is a 3 axis CNC router that performs precise routing and boring. Due to the solid construction, high quality components, and machine characteristics the Giben G2 Genesis offers the best price and quality ratio of any cost efficient CNC router on the market today. Making the Giben G2 Genesis the ideal choice for working with: MDF, Non-Ferrous Material, Plastic, Plywood, and Wood.

ModelG2 48G2 510G2 512
Table size2500 x 1300mm3100 x 1600mm3700 x 1600mm
Max speed x/y/z60/60/30 m/min60/60/30 m/min60/60/30 m/mi
Main spindle12hp12hp12hp
Max rotation speed24000rpm24000rpm24000rpm
Vertical drills5 x 55 x 55 x 5
Rotation speed4500rpm4500rpm4500rpm
Tool changer6 or 8 position rack6 or 8 position rack6 or 8 position rack
Suction flow rate160m3/h160m3/h160m3/h
Dust extractionΦ200mm × 2 Φ200mm × 2 Φ200mm × 2
Overall size3420 x 5600 x 2500mm4600 x 6500 x 2500mm4600 x 7100 x 2500mm
Net weight2700kg3100kg3700kg