NPC 330


  • Pressure Beam automatically
    self-adjusts according to the total
    height of panel.
  • Saw carriage automatically moves
    to fit panel width.
  • Main saw and scoring saw have
    independent movements.
  • Movements are self-adjusted
    minimizing the lifting height for
    efficiency giving best finish.
  • Scoring saw moves up to down
    and front to back. Adjustable by
    software offering intelligent, fast
    and easy elements.
  • Quick exchange of main saw
  • Easy to use powerful software
    included for managing the work
    process with detailed reports,
    simulating cutting patterns,
    printing barcode and showing of
    any error messages. Software is
    user friendly, HMI.
Cutting length2800mm3300mm3800mm
Cutting thickness 90mm 90mm 90mm
Main saw rotating
Scoring saw
rotating speed
Saw carriage
forward speed
90 m/min90 m/min90 m/min
Saw carriage
backward speed
120 m/min120 m/min120 m/min
Main saw motor15kw15kw15kw
Auto feeding speed85 m/min85 m/min85 m/min
Dust extractionφ150mm×3φ150mm×3φ150mm×3
Total power23.5kw23.5kw23.5kw
Overall size6900 x 4950 x 1820mm6900 x 5400 x 1820mm7400 x 5900 x 1820mm
Net weight4800kg5300kg6600kg