• Automatically alignment by independent side
    pressing rollers to cut right angle.
  • Main saw and scoring saw with independent
    movements of up and down. Main saw automatically
    self-adjusts minimizing the lifting height for
    efficiency providing best finish.
  • Saw carriage with 2kw servo motor. Rack and pinion,
    automatically moves to fit; based on the width of
    panel, reducing travel distance.
  • Hydraulic rear feeding lift table with maximum 5t
    loading capacity, combined with powered and nonpowered conveyors making it convenient to feed
    panels from left, or right side
  • Easy to use software manages work process with
    detailed reports, simulating cutting patterns,
    showing any error message, printing bar code and
    many more advantages, also user-friendly HMI.
Cutting length3300mm
Cutting thickness120mm
Main saw rotating
Scoring saw
rotating speed
Saw carriage
forward speed
90 m/min
Saw carriage
backward speed
120 m/min
Main saw motor18kw
Auto feeding speed85 m/min
Rear feeding speed60m/min
Dust extractionφ150mm×3
Total power40kw
Overall size9400x9200x2020mm
Net weight12200kg