NPL 380D


  • Two sets of independently working
    clamps with different functions. Clamp
    device and pusher bar settings are
    independent. Cutting boards
    synchronous to different sizes; both
    boards by crosswise cut or with
    crosswise and lengthwise cut,
    increasing cutting capacity by 30%.
  • Main saw and scoring saw with
    independent movements of up and
    down. Main saw automatically selfadjusts minimizing the lifting height for
    efficiency providing best finish.
  • Quick exchange of main saw blade with
    ideal design for operator.
  • Pressure beam automatically selfadjusts according to the total height of panels, to shorten the travel range.
  • Hydraulic rear feeding lift table with
    maximum 5t loading capacity,
    combined with powered and nonpowered conveyors making it
    convenient to feed panels from left, or
    right side.
Cutting length3800mm
Cutting thickness120mm
Main saw rotating
Scoring saw
rotating speed
Saw carriage
forward speed
120 m/min
Saw carriage
backward speed
120 m/min
Main saw motor18kw
Auto feeding speed85 m/min
Rear feeding speed60m/min
Dust extractionφ150mm×3
Total power40kw
Overall size13000×6700×2020mm(feeding from rear)
11700x9600x2020mm (Feeding from the rear side)
Net weight12000kg