NZH 3318


  • Automatic settings lengthwise and crosswise to
    desired sequential cutting within the angular saw
    is a single solution for processing the high production
    needed for large facilities.
  • With the ability to cross-cut and rip-cut at the same
    time to maximize the amount of parts produced every
  • Maximum cutting thickness up to 120mm
  • 18kw main saw motor.
  • Heavy duty rear feeding hydraulic lifting tab.
  • IPC control center plus optimizing software to make
    the angular saw, possible for production.
  • Rip cut off fall device with conveyor to help remove
    the discarded waste.
ModelNZH 3318
Max rip cut length3300mm
Crosscut cut length1800mm
Cutting thickness120mm
Main saw motor power18kw x 2
Main saw motor rotating
Scoring saw
rotating speed
Auto feeding speed85 m/min
Saw carriage forward speed85 m/min
Saw carriage backward speed100 m/min
Rear feeding speed60m/min
Dust extractionφ150mm×6
Total power73.5kw
Overall size92 00 × 11600 × 2020mm
Net weight19000kg