Intelligent and high-speed boring work center 2.0 that can handle many different types of applications. The software can distribute automatically the processing tasks to the equipment according to the processing attributes of the workpiece. These parts are distributed by a robot to each boring machine to complete drilling, grooving and milling processes. This system uses the two NCB612D 6-sided boring machines and one N2508 CNC, this allows for improved processing efficiency and reduced operator errors. This system can be used with an operator loading the system or in a fully
automated line.


  • A high-efficient boring system that uses bar
    code reading to determine the process and
    which machine to deliver the part to.
  • Three separate boring machines and a robot
    to deliver the parts, creates a high
    production boring solution.
  • The system can be a stand-alone boring
    solution or combined into a fully automated
  • The system never stops with a staging area
    for each machine and powerful software to
    guide the system along.
  • With auto feed and out feed that can be
    combined with stacking stations, can help
    reduce product damage and operator error.
  • This three-machine set up can handle parts
    and processes of many different types and
    sizes including: boring, grooving and
Panel length250-2500mm250-2400mm
Panel width120-800mm50-1200mm
Panel thicknessN/A 12-50mm
Max speed100/100/20 m/min135/135/75/30 m/min
Main spindleN/A3.5kw x 2
Max rotation speedN/A18000 rpm
Upper vertical drills21 x 413 x 2
Horizontal drillX direction : 3 x 4
Y direction : 2 x 2
X direction : 4 x 2 Y
direction : 2 x 2
Lower vertical drillN/A 10
Rotation speed4000 rpm4000 rpm
Suction flow rate160m3/hN/A
Dust extraction200mm x 2
1250mm x 2
Upper dust port 150mm
Lower dust port 125mm
Total power41kw 22.3kw
Overall size13000x2100x2300mm5700x2990x2050mm
Net weight5500kg3750kg