Sizing Work Center 1.0

The Sizing work center 1.0 with 2 NCG2T2C4 CNC machining center for cutting with each having: 2 gantries, 2 main spindles on each gantry and 2 working stations creating an efficient sizing center. This system can finish one sheet of standard 4’×8’ or 4’×9’ panel within 1.5 min. Utilization rate is 3% higher than a computer panel saw. Tireless robots link with 2 sets of NCG2T2C4 perfectly to achieve complete intelligent automated cutting process. This system can be combined into a fully automated line with boring edge banding and stacking to create a true Industry 4.0 system with intelligence.


  • A sizing work center that uses label printing and bar
    code reading to determine the process and which
    machine to deliver the panels to.
  • Two separate cnc sizing machines with each having
    two zones and two robots to deliver the panels or
    parts, creates a high production sizing solution.
  • The system can be a stand-alone cutting solution or
    combined into a fully automated line.
  • The system never stops with a staging area for each
    machine and powerful software to guide the system
  • With auto feed and out feed that uses two robots to
    load and process the parts, this can help reduce
    product damage and operator error.
  • This two-machine set up handles parts and
    processes of many different types and sizes. This
    includes: cutting, boring, grooving and milling. With
    cutting being its main advantage when combined
    with a fully integrated industry 4.0 system.
Table size
2800 x 1250mm x 2
Max speed50/50/20 m/min
Main spindle12kw x 4
Max rotation speed24000 rpm
Upper vertical drills8 x 4
Rotation speed4000 rpm
Vacuum pump7.5 kw
Suction flow rate250m 3/h x 2
Dust extraction200mm x 4
Total power84kw
Overall size6520x2600x2500mm
Net weight4750kg